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The St. Joseph's Social Welfare Center was founded in 1983 by Fr. Joseph Swam. The Center is located in the Kanyakumari District at southern tip of India with a population of 1 1/2 million. Fr. Joseph is a native son of this district and has dedicated his life to serving the needs of the poor. The Center runs an Orphange for 85 children, an Old Age Home for 20 destitute people, training centres for rural people, awareness programs and housing loans. It is non-sectarian, reaching all sections of the poorest of the society irrespective of caste or creed.
Your generous & kind donations help  
us to sustain our work to look after  
the poor and the needy.  


Father Joseph
St. Joseph’s Orphanage
Vellamadam P.O. 629305
K-K-DT Tamilnadu, India


Father Joseph
c/o Ralph L. Tindal
8705 Falkstone Lane
Alexandria, VA 223094004