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Donations Needed for St. Joseph’s Social Welfare Center Your generous & kind donations help us to sustain our work to look after the poor and the needy.

Send to U.S.A.   Send to INDIA
Father Joseph
C/o Ralph L. Tindal
8705 Falkstone Lane
Alexandria, VA 22309-4004
Father Joseph
St. Joseph’s Orphanage
Vellamadam P.O. 629305
K-K-DT Tamilnadu, India

Every dollar of your donation goes directly to the child or beneficiary and not to an organization.
Donations are US Tax Deductible. Please make checks payable to Father Joseph.

If you wish to contribute directly, please send the checks to

                         St. Joseph's Social Welfare Trust
                         Kanyakumari District, TamilNadu, INDIA, 629001.

You can also help if you shop via the Internet by registering at www.iGive.com Over 600 merchants participate with iGive.com and provide a small percentage of purchase prices to designated charities. There is no additional cost to you and it benefits the Center which has received over $500 to date.

A few of the participating merchants are and’sEnd, Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, J.C. Penny, Coldwater Creek, Hilton Hotels, United Airlines, Expedia.com (including airline tickets and rental cars), Lane Bryant, Ross-Simons, SharperImage, Eddie Bauer and many other well known companies.

Listed below are some of the current needs of the home

Total Monthly Pay For 57 Workers $1,500
One Shirt(Men) $4
One Dhoti (to wear instead of pant) $5
One Dress (Women) $10
Bed Sheets $3
Bucket $4
Slippers(1 pair) $1
Plate+Cup $2
Total Monthly Pay For 57 WorkersPen, Pencil, Geometry Box, Books $4
Soap+Oil $3
Towel $2
Pillow $2
One Cot $18
One Umbrella $3
Towel One Full meal $1
One Mirror& Comb $1
Trunk(Suitcase) $4
Thick Woollen Shirt(for Rainy season) $5
Old Age Home $6,000
Destitute Home $12,000
Beds, Cots, and Footwear For Children $4,500
Drinking Water 2 Wells $6,000
School Building $50,000
A Playground and Games For Orphans $6,000
A Dormitory For Orphans $12,000
A Generator for Electricity $3,300