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This orphanage was started to provide basic facilities to deprived orphans, destitute and street children by providing shelter, food, clothing and education. Currently the orphanage has 85 children. These children come from the poorest sections of the society. Click here to see some photos from our Home.

Location :
These poor people are mostly landless, working for others as petty labourers, construction coolies or as helpers in the tapioca fields along the hills. Womenfolk assist in the field as coolies, cut grass on the hillslopes to sell in the market or do flower picking early in the morning in the flower farms.

Some work as sanitary workers in the nearby towns while some are rag pickers who pick recyclable plastic and sell them in the market. There is yet another set of people in the coastal areas who carry fish from the sea coast and sell in the fish markets in the town or go from house to house and sell fish. In most of these cases, the work is seasonal.

At the end of the season, they go to work in the Western Ghats hills for hoeing the land for cultivation leaving the womenfolk and children behind. Opportunities for self employment like cattle rearing, keeping buffaloes and milk cows for sale of milk, piggery etc are rare. Banks always require a guarantor for loans which the people are unable to furnish.

These people live below the poverty live with hardly a meal a day. Since they can't afford nutritious food, clothing and schooling, the children are weaned into their parents' professions.

Our Work :
The most deserving (those badly in need) children from the poorest of families mentioned above are taken into the Orphanage. They are provided food, clothing and given decent schooling. Now we have 85 children in the home. We do not get any Government grant.

Infrastructure :
The home has a studyhall, dining hall, dormitory and separate toilet facilities for boys and the girls. There is adequate space for play and recreation. All children attend the Govt.High School in Vellamadam and for Higher Secondary Classes they go to Thovalai, within walking distance.

At the end of the Centerís school courses, the better students are given typewriting and shorthand training, and others are given tailoring and embroidery instruction.The students (young adults) become very skilled and are able to make embroidered goods of exceptional quality.

Along with the women associated with the Center, they are able to make beautiful tablecloths, doilies, center rounds, table runners, cushion covers, napkins and placemats in many sizes and designs (Photos will be soon made available).

There are wardens to look after the children and nurses to attend to sick children. Since our funds are limited, we appeal to the generous and kind hearted to help us to maintain the home. Our efforts to get help from the Government and the local hhilanthropists have failed.

Assistance Requested :
We need assistance money every year for the present set of orphans. This appeal is made to you to sponsor the children through philathraphic people or collectively through some grant. We need a minimum of 75 sponsor parents for our 75 children to cover the average expenditure of Rs.8720/- per year (approx US$ 210) for a child. We have adequate building facilities to accomodate around 50 more children.

If sponsors could fund it, it's most welcome. These children are neglected, abandoned and rejected by their parents, who have not experienced parental love, who have known only sorrows, given hard knocks by an often cruel world, even if they have their parents, haven't seen them for long long time. Such children should not stray into the streets and fall into unscrupulous hands and become criminals and a menace to the society.